>Comming soon… Cookbook Reviews!

>One of the features of my blog that I’m looking forward to is the Cookbook Review! I have been waiting until my office space got more organized, but since that may never happen….

I have designed a template that I’m going to use (it’s still a bit in progress) but I’d like to share it with you finally.



Date of Publication:
It is good to know how old a book is, and I’m hoping to feature both old and newer books.

Brief description:
Here you will find a two or three sentence idea of what the cookbook is all about.

Amount and quality of pictures:
I don’t know about you, but I think that pictures are vital to the enjoyment of a cookbook. I’ll tell you here how many recipes have pictures and how the pictures add to the book.

Ease of recipes:
Sometimes it’s fun to sit down with a super complicated recipe for the challenge, while sometimes you want something with little hand’s on time. I’ll let you know whether the majority of the recipes are weeknight specials or strictly for weekend work.

Common ingredients or exotic:
I live in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t a Whole Foods near Merced. I’d love to use preserved lemons in a recipe, if I could find them. I’ll let you know the relative degree of difficulty in finding the ingredients for the recipes in the book.

Nutritional information included:
I love finding the nutritional information attached to a recipe. Sometimes you don’t want to know – but I’ll let you know if you can find calories, grams of fat or carbohydrates for each recipe.

Here is where I’ll describe the little extras that makes a cookbook great or terrible – is it written more for professionals or home cooks? Does the author provide tips or tricks that make it a good read versus just a list of recipes? Is there nutritional information or guidance included? Etc., etc., etc.

I haven’t completely finalized the rating system, but I do know I’m using a scale from one to ten. I was thinking about 1 to 10 cupcakes or eggs or forks. Any ideas?

Finally I’m planning on listing a recipe I can’t wait to try and a recipe I would never try and maybe a follow up on how recipes I have tried from the book have turned out.

I can’t wait to start!

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