It is amazing what you can learn from the Farmer’s Almanac!
– Are all snowflakes different?
– Why do we dream of a white Christmas?
– Should I bundle up on New Year’s Eve?
– What time will the sun set in 8 weeks?
Now they are trying to get me to eat breakfast every morning.
* Energy: Eating a healthy breakfast energizes your body, keeping you from feeling tired and lethargic.
* Concentration: Eating breakfast increases attention span and memory power, and enhances creativity.
* Weight control: Breakfast “breaks” the “fasting” you do all night long. It jump starts your metabolism for the day and allows you to burn more calories throughout the day.
* Healthier food choices: Those who eat breakfast are more apt to make better food choices throughout the day.
I’m not a breakfast eater. I don’t like getting up in the morning. No, I hate getting up in the morning. My snooze alarm gets a great workout every day. Also, I’m not hungry until 10:00 a.m. and it feels “wrong” to eat when I’m not hungry.
When I used to eat breakfast, pre-diabetes, it was something carby: toast, cereal, frozen waffles, fruit smoothie. Lately my breakfasts have included huevos rancheros (Xmas breakfast), McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg (substitute the round egg for the folded), and oatmeal (during the time I was sick and wasn’t eating “real” food) – still not great choices. I used to love english muffins with peanut butter, but I can’t eat peanut butter anymore because it gives me heartburn.
So, what to eat for breakfast? I was buying Kashi Go Lean cereal for a while and will probably go back to that – for a month, until I stay in bed too late.
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One Response to >Breakfast

  1. Julie says:

    >I'm not a big breakfast eater either. I don't like eggs or milk so unfortunately that knocks out a lot of healthy choices. I was working with a trainer last summer who recommended that I eat something within the first 30-60 minutes of waking. She suggested a banana or a handful of almonds. She said this would wake up my stomach. I usually eat breakfast when I get to work and I lean towards the carbs…dry cereal on Light & Fit yogurt, Planters Trail Mix, a Nature Valley bar. I tend more towards grazing at breakfast (a few small things every hour) to get me moving until lunchtime.

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