>Brussel Sprouts


There is no middle ground with those little green cuties – you either love them or loathe them.

Why you need to love them: one word – cruciferous! These little members of the cabbage family are packed with Vitamin C, fiber, Vitamin K, folate and can lower your risk for cancer.

The most common mistake in cooking them is overcooking them! Steaming for 6-7 minutes is the fastest way to get them ready for your table and will avoid releasing the glucosinolate sinigrin which is the cause of that terrible sulfurous smell that turns most people off of brussels.

I started my brussel sprout journey with a Tyler Florence recipe (see below) that featured onions, bacon, and potatoes in addition to the sprouts. I had only had the veg once before and wanted to love them, but they were quickly placed in the “Yuck” category with mushrooms and mayonnaise. Daniel and I like the hash so much that I don’t even use bacon or potatoes in the dish anymore.

It is a “work in progress” dish however as there is a fine line between beautiful, tender, caramelized brussels and soggy, greasy, sulfurous veggies. Daniel doesn’t mind if they get a bit sulfury, but unfortunately when I made the dish for Thanksgiving at my Mom’s house they were a big F as in fail. Dad was grouchy that I was making them at all so I’m sure he was really annoyed, but he was pretty quiet about it. Poor Mom did her best no to be negative but I could tell she didn’t like the recipe. Better luck next time!

Here is the link to Tyler’s recipe:

Bacon and Brussel Sprout Hash on the Food Network

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